GTD { as inspired by reading 43 Folders }

I’ve always been a great fan of 43 Folders. I apply most of their tips (although, admittedly, it is so easy to fall into the trap of creative chaos once in  a while)  -and during those times that I actually follow tips on Getting Things Done, I’ve realized how beneficial it is to my overall well being as a professional.

Some of the zen inspired tips include anything and everything – from freeing up physical clutter on your work place, emptying your inbox (yes, I categorize my mail and put old ones in a folder labeled “my archives” , and utilizing “time chunks” – again, you can see this is evident in my earlier post about synthesis and writing important ideas down.

Most of all, it’s a blog I highly enjoy. ( I’m not afraid to say such things – I do promote my favorite sites here in this blog because I know that I benefit from them – and I’m sure hoping that you can, too! )

authors note
I do all sorts of reviews and commentaries about my passions because  I don’t really have much qualms about pleasing people or getting click-throughs (as you can see my blog is ad-free) so– such reviews are heartfelt reflections of things I enjoy; not things that I just promote for the sake of promoting.

Here’s a quirky slideshow I’ve seen on their site. I hope you enjoy it and apply these tips today!
It’s pretty visual and quite hilarious too :D

Lovely post taken from this link. Cheers.