Courage to Quit > On UX design

I’ve had the great opportunity to have @whitneyhess in my twitter account.I found this very inspiring slideshow that talks about UX businesses > And the exhilarating change it brings. I’m very inspired to take on new challenges; and this is definitely something I’m leaning towards in the future. Do give her a follow in her blog :)

I agree on most points brought forward – from the concept of quitting to the rewards, to the committment and the uncanny resemblance of a fulltime business to getting married – the slides are insightful and funny

- encourage Daylighting as discussed in behance as well.
- preparations before & during your business launch
- importance of user experience in the upcoming years (more and more companies realize this)

What I do wonder now, is whether or not UX/UI design is also a big factor for asian companies. I know for a fact that it will be an uphill battle to set up a similar business in Manila , for example, as I don’t recall any predecessors to this kind of venture. I think budgets are getting tighter, more and more people demand more things for less cost. Is there still a space for UX/ UI specialists — aside from your usual interactive team who programs & designs..?

I’ll be updating my blog again later on (when I find the time) about “new” illustration work I’ve developed over the weekend (for my personal projects ) And my recent romanticism with Milton Glaser’s work.